The working principle of the E-Scoop glasses


With normal vision, the light path enters the central part of the retina called the macular. 
Due to the high concentration of cones in the macular, people with healthy eyes will have sharp vision.
With macular degeneration, the macular has been damaged (degenerated) and as a result many (sometimes all) cones have lost their function.
In the early stages of MD an indistinct vision is experienced, as the disease progresses, vision worsens and patients will see a dull, grey or black spot in their central vision.
Peripherally, the further away from the centre of the macular, the lower the concentration of cones. With fewer cones, ‘Sharp vision’ will be more and more difficult.

The principle behind the
E-Scoop® lens is to achieve better vision by shifting the image from the central portion of the macular (where cone damage is concentrated), to the periphery of the macular (where often times the cone damage is less severe).  
The quality and sharpness of the macular periphery will always be somewhat lower, compared to the central part of a healthy macular, but possibly (significantly) better than the vision with a damaged central macular.

Results will be different for each individual patient, but testing the personal possibilities of a patient can be done easily by an E- Scoop specialist.

The E- Scoop philosophy as such focuses primarily on using another part of the macular for better vision. The exceptional and patented E-Scoop® spectacle glass is a combination of 5 important elements, that are essential for the final end result.
  •  Color                                                                                           
  •  Coating
  •  Thickness
  •  Curve
  •  Prism
- The yellow tint reduces the impact/load on the eye at daylight, as well as from UV-light. Patients experience this as more comfortable.
- The coating offers a relaxing anti-glare action.
- The thickness and the curve together allow for a slightly enlarged vision, the patient experiences this as calmer and more details can be noticed than before.
- The built in prism creates the primary function of the glass, the light path is redirected to the outer part of the macular. Different prisms are available.
As illustrated below, the total image will be moved slightly and as a result also the dull spot will move, improving the central vision.

Remark: typical example. Always check with your E-Scoop® eye specialist for your personal result.

The fact that thousands of patients are using the E-Scoop® glasses comfortably, has proven these glasses can improve poor vision significantly. Each patient is different and will have different results. We recommend that you contact an E-Scoop® specialist, for a demonstration.

The E-Scoop® glasses can help you to better recognize people, read better, gain independence, enjoy a sunny day, and reduce eye strain.

Try it yourself, experience it yourself!